Technology strategy is an important aspect of long-term technology viability. An organization needs to think strategically to support ongoing customer needs in order to retain engaged clients. Whether the need is strategic application management, product roadmap strategy or project portfolio management, Centauri Consulting understands the delivering of comprehensive technology strategies in support of business goals and objectives.


Organizations are dynamic, change is inevitable. In today’s world, business as usual is change. Whether it is a new initiative, project-based working, technology improvements or staying ahead of the competition, all these things come together to drive ongoing changes to how we work. Centauri Consulting embraces the dynamic state of change and can help drive adoption forward.


Critical to success in management services is strategic thinking, creative problem solving and conflict resolution all while communicating effectively.

To every customer the promise remains the same. In working with Centauri Consulting, you will receive the highest level of organizational commitment in order to achieve sustainable “get it done” results that meet business goals and objectives.


In an ever-evolving global market, it takes the right technology and expertise to stay ahead. There are many aspects to consider when venturing into the global market from cultural communications to application readiness to acceptance of solutions by global customers. Centauri consulting has the necessary experience to pull it all together and drive to successful global project integrations.


Centauri Consulting is a local Minneapolis consulting firm specializing in IT technology management services. We engage fully with clients to understand the needs, challenges and culture in order to provide the best services and value. With the ability to “hit the ground” running and quickly gain the trust of management and staff, team leadership ensues for successful initiatives by an engaged team.

IT Services.

  • Global Team Leadership
  • Portfolio/Program/Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Product/Roadmap Management
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Provider
  • Technology Strategic Planning
  • Application Management Strategy
  • Strategic Vendor Partnerships
  • Process and Methodology Integration
  • IT Key Performance Indicators

Client Projects.

The largest Bank in Brazil

Services performed for the largest Latin American bank and one of the largest banks on the planet, with approximately 100,000 employees and operations in 20 countries. Client project included the planning and execution of a large international product rollout to bank customers including IT client relationship management in integrating products and services.

A Major US Telecom holding company

Services were for the third largest U.S. wireless network operator as of 2013 with 80,000 employees that serve more than 64.3 million customers. Project included the oversight of planning and implementation of an industry award winning employee engagement program for employees with the goal to help them see the direct linkage between their personal contributions and the success of the company.

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