Client Projects.

Due to client confidentially and contractual agreements, specific client names are not provided.

Centauri Consulting has experience with large fortune 100 clients in many industries including insurance, food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing.




  • A large US bank operating
    in Colombia
  • The largest Bank in Brazil
  • An American multinational financial services corporation

Technology Industry


  • An American multinational information technology corporation
  • An American multinational information technology and consulting company
  • A Japanese multinational conglomerate




  • A US Telecom holding company
  • An American broadband and telecommunications company
  • A multinational communications company




  • An Australian automaker
  • A major US airline
  • The flag carrier airline of the U.K.
  • The largest railroad network in
    the U.S.
  • The leading multinational general-use vehicle rental company

The largest Bank in Brazil


Services performed for the largest Latin American bank and one of the largest banks on the planet, with approximately 100,000 employees and operations in 20 countries. Client project included the planning and execution of a large international product rollout to bank customers including IT client relationship management in integrating products and services for their global loyalty travel programs. Services included internal management and implementation of internationalizing of applications and operational needs to support future client growth in Brazil. One of the most complex countries to establish a US based company presence due to intricate and complicated tax laws. In addition, managed the integration of a 3rd party air travel aggregator for international low-cost carriers to provide customers with competitive in-country travel options. @Connexions Loyalty

Multiple top fortune 100 companies


A multinational communications company, the leading multinational general-use vehicle rental company, one of America’s largest investment and insurance companies, and more


Services included the product development of a software as a service product, new client launches and operational support and program management oversight of a strategic line of business to inspire loyalty with their channel partners, sales staff and employees. Successes included the reduction of operational costs by 35% by implementing an Application Management strategy utilizing ITIL v3 concepts of Service Management. Led the build and client migration of applications to an Amazon cloud hosted environment in partnership with the enterprise architect and security officer resulting in a 20% cost savings. @Aimia

A major US Telecom holding company


Services were for the third largest U.S. wireless network operator as of 2013 with 80,000 employees that serve more than 64.3 million customers. Project included the oversight of planning and implementation of an industry award winning employee engagement program for employees with the goal to help them see the direct linkage between their personal contributions and the success of the company. Oversight of this client included system migrations to new products as the relationship progressed over time bringing more satisfaction to the client and additional revenue streams for the company. @Carlson Marketing

The largest Railroad Network in the United States


Project was for the largest railroad network in the United States which has more than 44,000 employees, more than 8,000 locomotives, and runs on 31,900 route-miles in 23 states. With declining employee safety statistics, the railroad put safety, health and wellness into the hands of employees by offering incentives to report and provide solutions and ideas for safer operations. This allowed employees to be more aware of risk, and improve and standardize best practices while earning rewards. The project included the planning and execution of a customized application to support employee safety ideation and implementation of long-term measurement and operational support. The challenge for this industry was bringing the services to employees on the tracks that had limited online access. @Carlson Marketing